Worship is at the heart of St. John’s.  We believe worship to be an enjoyable experience. But more than that, we were created to worship and that we are at our best when we worship. However, different churches have different ways of worshiping God. We hold two services on Sunday and each offer a unique worship experience.


9:00 Traditional Worship

Our earliest service incorporates traditional styles of music.  Both the pipe organ and grand piano are used to play hymns.  Traditional responses and prayers are also spoken aloud or sung.  


Children that are three-years-old through kindergarten are invited to attend Children’s Church. First through Fifth graders are invited to attend Junior Church.   A clean and safe nursery is provided for children two years and younger.

Communion is served the first Sunday of each month. 



11:00 Contemporary Worship

The second of our Sunday service is contemporary and less formal.  Worshipers are not expected to know memorized prayers or liturgy since the goal of this service style is to make everyone feel as comfortable and included as possible, even if they lack experience in church.  The same sermon is offered during this service but it is delivered in a less formal style.


Communion is offered on the first Sunday of each month.