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Who is Jesus?


Simply put, we believe Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). Everything we are and everything we have comes from him and works together for his purpose.

-We believe that it is through Jesus Christ, and only Jesus Christ, and his perfect obedience and sacrifice of himself, that we are fully reconciled with God in this life and the next.
-We confess that Jesus, fully human and fully divine, is both our Lord who claims our devotion and our Savior whose death on the cross secures our forgiveness.
-Jesus is Head of the Church and calls us to follow him and serve him in the world.  Everything we do at St. John’s centers on lifting up the name of Jesus and inviting people to know him.

-Jesus lived a sinless life and in the greatest act of love, he ultimately died to pay the penalty for our sins.  A penalty we could not pay.


-Jesus willingly laid down his life to make a way for you and I to have a relationship with God. And the good news is that Jesus did not stay dead.

Death could not hold the greatest force of love. Jesus rose from the dead, completing his earthly mission.

The story of Jesus, is not one of judgment or condemnation, but a story of love. No matter how far you feel from God, the truth is that he has been pursuing you throughout eternity. He loves you unconditionally. There is nothing you could ever do to earn his love, or nothing you could do that would cause him to take it away.
The only thing we must do is accept that love. We must accept the sacrifice that Jesus paid. The Bible says that anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.