God is at work in the world and he expects us to join him.  By serving communities and individuals in need, we also serve Christ.

Support for Community and Beyond
Outreach funds are allocated to support various groups including missionaries, Christian charities, natural disaster relief, and local needs.

Family Promise 


Family Promise is a national organization that carefully screens temporarily homeless families. They work with local churches to provide food and shelter for the qualifying families. The program also manages transportation, counseling, parenting classes, budgeting classes, and job searches.

The families stay in the program for approximately 90 days. Staying at each church for a week at a time. Our area has about 20 churches participating in this program.

We host 3-4 times a year for a week at a time, providing a dinner and overnight stay for the week. We need about 50 volunteers to donate needed items, set up bedrooms, take down bedrooms, stay overnight and prepare meals.

Family Promise has a 100% apartment placement rate for those families who complete the program successfully.

Holiday Food Boxes

The Outreach team organizes assembly of food boxes for local needy families at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Other Christmas Outreach


Children’s Home of Reading 


This is a home for boys. We share God’s Love with them on their birthdays by giving presents. Many of them would not receive presents if not for these kind donations. 

The Wilson Area Food Pantry 

The Wilson Area Food Pantry is held every third Friday of the month at the community center behind West Lawn Methodist church .

At St. John’s, we collect food items under the balcony the first and second Sundays of the month. These items are then picked up and taken to the food pantry the Thursday before the food is distributed.

That Thursday, volunteers are needed to organize and set up the pantry for the next day when the families can pick the food items they can use.

The food pantry is open at 3:00 pm and closes around 5:30 pm for the needy families. Volunteers are needed on the third Friday to man the tables and help the families walk around and choose their food items. Families are required to show proof of income and must live in the Wilson School District.


Below are links to several organizations we work with through our Outreach program.

www.lifelineofberks.org  Lifeline of Berks County
www.childrenshomeofrdg.org  Children’s Home of Reading
www.familypromiseofberks.com Family Promise of Berks County
www.samaritanspurse.org  Samaritans Purse
www.use.salvationarmy.org  USA Eastern Region Salvation Army
www.ugioperationshare.org Energy Assistance Program through UGI
www.hopeforreading.org Hope Rescue Mission
www.phoebe.org Phoebe Berks Health Care
www.christar.org Liz Miller’s organization Christar
www.worldvision.org World Vision
www.umc.org New Journey United Methodist Church soup kitchen
www.omf.org Overseas Missionary Fellowship
www.intervarsity.org Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
www.send.org Send International
www.om.org Operation Mobilization
missions.wol.org Word of Life Missions
hddrelief.com Heavenly Driven Disaster Relief

teenchallengetc.com Teen Challenge

Questions?  Contact:

Sue Yoch
Outreach Chairperson